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Sex, Porn & Affairs: A Conversation With Jason Portnoy

Sex, Porn & Affairs: A Conversation With Jason Portnoy

December 1, 2022

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author Jason Portnoy began his career at PayPal, working closely with technology icons like Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Max Levchin, and Reid Hoffman. 


He served as the first Chief Financial Officer of Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) and later founded Oakhouse Partners, a top-performing venture capital firm. 


Jason is sought after as a trusted advisor to technology company CEOs and has spoken on topics ranging from executive leadership to the intersections of technology and humanity. 


He holds engineering degrees from Stanford University (MS) and the University of Colorado (BS). He currently lives in Park City, Utah, with his wife, two children, and their family dog.


I invited Jason onto the show to talk about his addiction to pornography and sex, two of the most often shunned topics of conversation in our daily lives. 


Jason is the author of the book “Silicon Valley Porn Star.” 


From modest roots in the suburbs of New Jersey, Jason Portnoy followed a script carefully crafted by society. He found himself in the middle of the PayPal Mafia, launched into a Silicon Valley career of wealth and prestige he never dreamed of. Stock options, flashy cars, a fantastic family. 


On the outside, his life looked perfect, but unhealed traumas from his past left him tortured, descending into a dark world of pornography and sex that eventually pushed him to the edge. 


In Silicon Valley Porn Star, Jason willingly shares his transformation from a life of extramarital affairs and superficial excess to one of the chosen values and renewed relationships. 


His journey sheds light on a crisis of masculinity in our modern world, where quests for unlimited power and success are gateways to addiction, dependency, and unhinged behaviour. No matter your profession or position, Jason’s story will inspire you to look within and find your path toward success, fulfilment, and becoming the man you truly want to be.


Here is Jason’s website 


Learn more about the STRIVE Method.

Alcohol-Foundations: A Conversation With Molly Desch

Alcohol-Foundations: A Conversation With Molly Desch

November 21, 2022

Molly Desch has a degree in Psychology, is a certified coach and has years of experience dealing with alcohol. She helps working moms struggling with drinking culture activate and materialise their inherent abilities to free themselves from alcohol so they can take back control of their life, rediscover their authentic selves with renewed energy, confidence, and pride in themselves, and rebuild relationships with loved ones.

You can contact Molly at https://asyouarelifecoaching.com/.

You can learn more about The STRIVE Method in our incredible book The STRIVE Method: Control Alcohol For 30-Days Before it Controls You For The Next 30-Years’ —---- > https://www.thestrivemethod.com/.



November 14, 2022

A problem in the STRIVE community is how to operate above the line when the trifecta of marriage/parenting/business clashes. Each of these areas can provide unique challenges that can bleed into one another, dragging you below the line into victim consciousness and triggering you to drink. In this episode, Lee Davy introduces the tool of  ‘transitioning’ to help you improve in this vital area. 


STRIVE is a community and educational platform that helps you live more consciously after becoming someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. 


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9 Parallels Between Running & Sobriety

9 Parallels Between Running & Sobriety

November 7, 2022

At STRIVE, we help people who don’t drink alcohol to live consciously. A tool we use is to consider our actions through the lens of parallel growth. Put simply, what is it about this moment that contains elements of development we can use in other areas of our lives? 


An example is running. 


If you were to run today, what is it about the act of running, how you feel while running, what thoughts come to mind, your environment, and the weather that you can transfer into another area of your life, such as your continuing and ever-evolving sobriety?


Here are nine parallels between running and being someone who doesn’t drink alcohol.


Strive on!


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The Recovery Cycle: A Conversation With Joi Andreoli

The Recovery Cycle: A Conversation With Joi Andreoli

October 31, 2022

Joi Andreoli is a licensed marriage and family therapist with decades of sobriety and the author of the Recovery Cycle: A Practical Guide to Loving Your Sober Life: Joie calls her book a timeless navigation tool that guides readers to explore and design a new life with freedom and limitless expansion, and we cover some of the main concepts of her book in this conversation, including the power of ritualisation, the necessity of taking action and navigating triggers and cravings.


You can learn more about Joi’s work and purchase her book at www.communicatewithjoi.com.


Follow her on Instagram @joiandreoli


Beyond Recovery: A Conversation With Matt Gardner

Beyond Recovery: A Conversation With Matt Gardner

October 17, 2022

Matt Gardiner is a passionate and empathetic Recovery Coach & Life Coach who has helped numerous people get out of their 'stuck stories' and move towards the life of their dreams.

He focuses on changing the language & words and the stories you've been attaching to the events in your life.

Better words + better breathing = better life.

Matt's vision of Recovery includes an active and healthy lifestyle that includes planning for deliberate, relaxing downtime for self-care and healing.

Matt is also a gifted musician and Sound Therapist, which compliments his work as a Coach.

'Beyond Recovery' is a podcast hosted by Matt, where guests come on to share their journeys to and through, Recovery

@recoveryroadmap.me (IG & TikTok)
@mattgardinerLIVE (Facebook & YouTube)

The 5 Spiritual Laws of Sobriety: A Conversation With Kay Allison

The 5 Spiritual Laws of Sobriety: A Conversation With Kay Allison

September 10, 2022

Kay Allison was a Senior Vice President at a global ad agency and a single mom as her drinking escalated to the point that she went alcohol-free.


Kay has helped hundreds of women stop the drinking spiral and live wildly successful and satisfying lives substance-free using her Juicy AF program.


Kay is an executive coach. A clairvoyant. And a minister.  She’s been an adjunct professor at Northwestern University. She’s an author of two books, including Juicy AF (alcohol-free): Stop the Drinking Spiral. Unleash Your Future, which will be published in January 2023.


A year after going alcohol-free, she launched her first company, The Energy Infuser, an agency that helped Fortune 200 companies create new $100 million products and businesses. Together, those clients generated $2 billion in annual revenue. She started The Energy Annex, a modern focus group facility that won World's Best Facility 17 years running. She co-founded Farm&Oven Snacks, a natural food company, and sold it four years later.


She lives in a pine forest, meditates by a waterfall every morning and loves her family.


She truly lives a Juicy AF life.


Life as a STRIVER: A Conversation With Michael Bojarski

Life as a STRIVER: A Conversation With Michael Bojarski

August 24, 2022

In a new series, Lee Davy shines the spotlight on members of the STRIVE family. 

Michael, who hails from San Fransisco, joined STRIVE in 2018. He is a STRIVE Method alumni who recently celebrated 900-days as someone who doesn't drink alcohol. Michael is a STRIVE Support Coach and facilitates our weekly Zoom meetings.

Mike is a fabulous writer, and you can read his philosophical musings at:



If you want to join Mike at STRIVE, head to www.thestrivemethod.com for further information.


Using Breathwork to Overcome Alcohol Addiction: A Conversation With Hans Whygold

Using Breathwork to Overcome Alcohol Addiction: A Conversation With Hans Whygold

August 17, 2022

Hans Weygoldt is a Breathwork facilitator and life coach. 

After working for his family business for 15 years and struggling with depression and anxiety, he discovered the power of breathwork. 

The intensity of the first breastwork sessions, comparable to work with psychedelics, radically changed his life and gave him a new purpose.

He quit his job to spend more time with his children while they were still young, exploring his consciousness and supporting others struggling with depression, anxiety and addiction.

He now works as a breathwork facilitator to support people who want to make a radical change in their life, find more purpose and meaning and reclaim their power.

You can connect with Hans through Facebook or his webpage.



One STEP at a Time: A Conversation With Nick Prefontaine

One STEP at a Time: A Conversation With Nick Prefontaine

August 3, 2022

Nick Prefontaine is a Speaker, Founder and CEO of Common Goal a company that inspires and leads motivated people to their common goal.  Their Mission is to provide people with the support and tools to achieve their limitless potential.


Here is the link to download Nick’s free guide on the STEP program.




If you would like to join STRIVE and experience the STRIVE Method email Lee Davy at thestrivemethod@gmail.com




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