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The 5 Spiritual Laws of Sobriety: A Conversation With Kay Allison

September 10, 2022

Kay Allison was a Senior Vice President at a global ad agency and a single mom as her drinking escalated to the point that she went alcohol-free.


Kay has helped hundreds of women stop the drinking spiral and live wildly successful and satisfying lives substance-free using her Juicy AF program.


Kay is an executive coach. A clairvoyant. And a minister.  She’s been an adjunct professor at Northwestern University. She’s an author of two books, including Juicy AF (alcohol-free): Stop the Drinking Spiral. Unleash Your Future, which will be published in January 2023.


A year after going alcohol-free, she launched her first company, The Energy Infuser, an agency that helped Fortune 200 companies create new $100 million products and businesses. Together, those clients generated $2 billion in annual revenue. She started The Energy Annex, a modern focus group facility that won World's Best Facility 17 years running. She co-founded Farm&Oven Snacks, a natural food company, and sold it four years later.


She lives in a pine forest, meditates by a waterfall every morning and loves her family.


She truly lives a Juicy AF life.


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