1000 Days Sober Podcast

On Separation: A Conversation With Amy Louise Cash

July 26, 2021

Amy Louise Cash guides women worldwide to rediscover their worth, unlock their truth and step into the most intentional version of themselves so that the world can experience the unique medicine they are.

She is a Thought Leader and a Transformational Relationship Coach, the host/founder of Wake Up Sisterhood The Podcast and a woman who is One with the earth's medicine.

The work she does with women is nothing she hasn't moved through herself, keeping her in a place of pure integrity. As an expert in these areas, she works with women who are at any stage of their life who lack the tools and resources to be in a relationship (including the one with ourselves) powerfully. 

She specialises in Trauma Healing & Somatic Therapy. Not only is her work specifically for women, but she is also a HUGE stand for men and women learning HOW to understand men.

If you want to work with Amy Louise Cash, then here is her website and Instagram.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Lee Davy then here is the link to follow.


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