1000 Days Sober Podcast

Human Design, Gene Keys and Everything Else in Between: A Conversation With Victoria Fenton

September 19, 2021

Victoria has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years.


During the course of her own transformative healing journey, which lasted over a decade, Victoria studied under various spiritual, somatic and trauma-aware teachers. She was one of the original students trained by Ra Uru Hu in Human Design, and then by Richard Rudd in Gene Keys - and is also qualified in mindset reframing techniques such as NLP and CBT.


As her recovery progressed she studied physical disciplines, becoming a certified Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Ultimately, with this diverse skillset, she went on to run her own successful Medical and Healthcare Practice from the world-renowned Harley Street Medical Centre in London, UK for almost 7 years.


She has worked with over 1000 patients globally and acted as a consultant to several leading healthcare companies using her unique, trauma-informed approach which focuses on regulating the nervous system as the foundation for healing and self-actualisation. Because of this nervous system focus, Victoria also established a coaching/inner work branch in her business, supporting individuals, executives and company teams to evolve, transform and up-level every area.


Coaching is ultimately where Victoria’s passion lies, so she has now transitioned away from medicine and offers intensive 1-2-1 coaching packages aimed at supporting anyone who is ready to embark upon personal evolution and ultimate becoming. In particular, her 1-2-1 work is suited to executives and leaders looking to unlock their limitless potential. Victoria is also building a suite of courses that provide the roadmaps for inner work and transformational healing for anyone seeking support to undertake these life-changing inner journeys.



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