1000 Days Sober Podcast

Beyond Recovery: A Conversation With Matt Gardner

October 17, 2022

Matt Gardiner is a passionate and empathetic Recovery Coach & Life Coach who has helped numerous people get out of their 'stuck stories' and move towards the life of their dreams.

He focuses on changing the language & words and the stories you've been attaching to the events in your life.

Better words + better breathing = better life.

Matt's vision of Recovery includes an active and healthy lifestyle that includes planning for deliberate, relaxing downtime for self-care and healing.

Matt is also a gifted musician and Sound Therapist, which compliments his work as a Coach.

'Beyond Recovery' is a podcast hosted by Matt, where guests come on to share their journeys to and through, Recovery

@recoveryroadmap.me (IG & TikTok)
@mattgardinerLIVE (Facebook & YouTube)

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